CX Balancer

The CX-Balancer portable kit is a complete system ready for onsite balancing jobs. This proven Swedish technology has been proven over a number of years. Ideal for technicians who want a dedicated display unit complete for 2-plane balancing.


  • Includes all hardware items you need to immediately start balancing faster and more efficiently.
  • Simple to use software provides just what you need to monitor vibration and perform balancing operations without unnecessary complexity.
  • Rugged Instrument complete with all accessories for 2-plane balancing.
  • Balancing with onscreen analysis of vibration data.
  • Vibration Spectrum as well as Enveloping for bearing measurements.
  • Software for Balancing reporting included.
  • Optical speed sensor – effective up to 2 meters.
  • Vibration display includes selectable units, with metric and acceleration, velocity or displacement units. The included vibration sensor is accurate, reliable, and small enough to fit into tight areas.
  • Can be cost effectively upgraded for vibration route measurements