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Precision Unleashed: Engineering Dynamics 2024 Training Courses

Engineering Dynamics will once again be presenting a range of courses in 2024 designed to enhance your (and your team’s) skills and knowledge.

All of the Engineering Dynamics courses cater to a diverse audience, including Engineers, Technicians, Supervisors, Fitters, Design and Project Engineers, Rotating Equipment Specialists, Quality Control Inspectors, and Condition Monitoring Technicians.

Let’s delve into the training opportunities offered by Engineering Dynamics:

1. Laser Shaft Alignment Training: Master the Art of a Precision Maintenance Skill. Engineering Dynamics is renowned for its expertise in Laser Shaft Alignment Training. This four-day competency certificate course is a comprehensive exploration of laser shaft alignment theory and practice. Participants have the unique advantage of spending maximum time on training rigs and working with our modern, handy Easy-Laser range of instruments. The course aligns with the ANSI standard for Shaft Alignment, emphasising hands-on skills that empower attendees to confidently align machines in their companies or the field. After the course, students who pass a written and practical exam (with at least 80%) receive a Competency Certificate in Shaft Alignment using Easy-Laser. For those curious to dip their toes into shaft alignment before committing to the full four-day course, Engineering Dynamics has introduced a new one-day awareness course from 2024. This teaser provides an introduction to shaft alignment, covering basic steps and processes. Attendees get hands-on practice on training rigs and with instruments, offering a taste of what the full course entails – all at a lower cost and without the pressure of exams. Participants of the teaser course will receive an attendance certificate.

2. Vibration Analysis and Balancing Training: Master Critical Skills

This five-day competency certificate course goes beyond the conventional approach of “buttonology” or rule-following.

Our team of trainers utilises a range of user-friendly, accurate, and versatile balancing and vibration analysis instruments, seamlessly integrating theory and practice. The goal is clear: equip participants with practical skills to confidently and accurately apply vibration analysis and balancing techniques within their professional domains. The course consists of two associated components:

  • Basic Vibration Analysis: This section prepares the participant to contribute effectively to any vibration analysis programme. They leave with a solid grasp of basic vibration fundamentals, enabling proper analysis of vibration data to enhance plant reliability and improve preventative maintenance programmes.
  • Field Balancing: Once students have mastered the basics of vibration analysis, the balancing training can begin. Here, they will gain a solid foundation in the field of balancing rotating equipment, emphasising correct methods to achieve precise results and save valuable time. The course covers both single and two-plane balancing methods.

To earn a competency certificate at the end of the course, delegates are required to pass a test on the theory and finish practical assignments.

Fit-for-purpose onsite training (of both our Laser Shaft Alignment course and Vibration and Balancing course) is available at your premises should you want to train a significant number of people. This would not be limited to one of the aforementioned dates.

Don’t miss the chance in 2024 to improve your skills and make a significant impact in the dynamic field of balancing and vibration analysis.

For more information, contact us at +27 12 991 3168 or register now.

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