Shaft Alignment Training

Engineering Dynamics is a leading Shaft Alignment Training Company worldwide. Our 4 day Competency Certificate Course is aligned with the new ANSI standard for Shaft Alignment. Our Laser Alignment Training will teach you hands-on skills that will ensure that you are ready to align machines when back at your company or next time you visit your client. We have structured our training material and practicals to allow everyone maximum time on the training rigs and with our Easy-Laser Range of Instruments.

Balancing Training

Engineering Dynamics offers a 2 day Field Balancing Course. This course covers the theory and practical  exercises on our balancing simulators. The course material covers both single and 2 plane methods. The theoretical part is instrument independent, but the practicals are done using our own range of balancing instruments.

Basic Vibration Analysis Training

There are many vibration courses available in industry following the well known Levels 1 – 4. At Engineering Dynamics we found Level 1 too basic for the industry and our clients and then they have to attend a Level 2 course as well. Its only after Level 2 that a new vibration analyst can really understand vibration aspects fully. Our Basic Vibration course combines Level 1 and 2 over a 2 day period.