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Engineering Dynamics Unveils Powerful New SONASCREEN®2 Acoustic Camera

Engineering Dynamics is proud to offer the unequalled SONASCREEN®2 acoustic camera from SON OTEC. This technology, with viewable Ultrasonic results, is a new addition to the existing worldwide Condition Monitoring equipment offering.


The SONASCREEN®2 features an industry-leading optimised array of 176 built-in microphones with 200 kHz sampling rate at 24 bit resolution – more than any other acoustic camera on the market. This unparalleled microphone density enables precise localisation and differentiation of the faintest ultrasonic sound sources, even when louder noises are present. Its hi-res display allows for on-the-spot fault identification like leaks, partial discharges, and more using real-time acoustic data converted into a user-friendly graphic interface.


A standout capability of the SONASCREEN®2 is its unique 2-in-1 design combining acoustic and thermal imaging. Users can convert inaudible ultrasonic signals to the audible range for monitoring, taking full advantage of its wide 100 kHz frequency range that extends well above typical industrial noise floors. High 100 fps resolution and a global shutter ensure accurate tracking of fast-moving sound sources.


“The SONASCREEN®2 raises the bar for acoustic imaging by pairing sophisticated non-intrusive hardware with a new, extremely intuitive user interface,” noted Christo van der Walt, CEO at Engineering Dynamics. “Preset modes tailored for many applications allow even new operators to start detecting issues immediately.”


With an IP54 water/dust resistance rating, the device is well-suited for harsh industrial environments. Moreover, it offers unmatched recording and analysis capabilities – the only acoustic camera allowing further processing of saved raw data.

From compressed air/gas system leak detection to electrical partial discharge monitoring, the SONASCREEN®2 is an essential preventive maintenance tool to improve operational safety, system reliability and energy efficiency. Engineering Dynamics is confident clients will find immense value in this powerful new solution.


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  • Regular price: R310,617.00 (Ex VAT)
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