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Easy Laser E950 Bore Alignment

The Easy-Laser® E950 range makes checking and aligning bearings and bearing journals easier thanks to wireless detectors and versatile brackets. A large colour display with clear graphics and software that guides the user through the entire measurement process contributes to this simple operation.


  • It automatically calculates the bearing journals in relation to each other, both horizontally and vertically.
  • Evaluate the results on-site with different calculation methods such as “Best fit around zero” and “Waviness” and “Ovality”.
  • Analyse the different choices of reference points and set the offset and tolerance values.
  • Measure and align both full and half bearing journals with equal simplicity.
  • All parts are designed for maximum accuracy and stability – resolution of 0.001 mm and a measurement distance up to 40m
  • Graphic results in PDF format from the system
  • E960 System for Turbine alignment and adjustment of bearings and diaphragms.


  • E950-A or E950-C – Primarily for diesel engines (for example crank and camshaft bearings), gearboxes, compressors and similar applications.
  • E950-B or E950-D – Primarily for propeller shaft installations on ships with stern tubes, support bearings, gearboxes and engines.

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