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Easy Laser E970 Roll Parallelism

For parallelism measurement of rolls and other objects in numerous applications. The E970 is especially suitable when many objects are to be measured and aligned, and when the distances are long. Any chosen object or the baseline can be used as a reference.


  • A laser beam is pointed alongside the machine and then deflected 90 degrees towards the measurement object (roll) by a penta prism.
  • The prism is moved along the beam which is deflected to each roll that is to be measured
  • Both ends of the roll are measured, and you get an angular value which is compared to the reference line (base line) or a reference roll.
  • The maximum distance with a standard system is 80 meters, the number of measurement objects can be several hundred.
  • The alignment of the rolls can be performed in live mode with instant feedback. You can add, remove and remeasure objects any time during measurement.
  • The result is displayed both graphically and digitally in a table, and a PDF report can be produced directly on-site. Then transfer the results to a PC and the data base software EasyLink™ (included).
  • Besides paper machines, printing machines and rolling mills you can also measure and align rails, overhead tracks, metal sheet cutters and many other types of machines.
  • You can also use the system to measure level, straightness and flatness on wire sections (suction boxes), flatness on foundations and straightness of rolls.
  • With a few accessories you can also do shaft alignment.

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