Motor Circuit Analysis

AMT (Asset Management and Energy Efficiency) Toolkit is a portable motor driven test equipment system which automatically generates a condition assessment report indicating existing faults, time to failure information, recommended corrective actions and the effects of faults on energy efficiency. This instrument is capable of monitoring three phase AC motors and generators of all sizes and power outputs.


Artesis AMT is equipped with a computer, a fully functional AES for AMT Software, current transformers, and cables. Artesis AMT is connected to motor cables using clamp on current sensors and voltage cables. The toolkit uses three current sensors and three voltage sensors and is easy to install. It collects data from motor driven systems and saves them to the SQL database. The test duration is approximately 30 minutes allowing for 8-12 tests to be performed in a day. At the end of the testing period, the toolkit generates a condition assessment report which indicates existing faults of the system, time to failure information, recommended corrective actions, and effects of these faults on energy efficiency.

Typical Fault Coverage:

  • Loose foundation/components
  • Unbalance/misalignment/coupling
  • Transmission Faults
  • Driven equipment faults
  • Bearing Faults
  • Rotor faults
  • Stator/insulation faults
  • Voltage unbalance
  • Current unbalance
  • Internal and external electrical faults

Process Faults detected:

  • High Energy consumption
  • Low Efficiency
  • Cavitation in pumps
  • Flow turbulence in fans, blowers
  • Filter and heat exchanger fouling
  • Lubrication
  • Oversize/ undersize motors