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Sonaphone III

Numerous preventive maintenance tasks can be handled quickly and efficiently with the Sonaphone range of Ultrasonic handheld devices.

It is used for:


Broadband ultrasonic analysis – Frequency range from 20 to 100 kHz

Software that is intuitive to operate

  • The apps accompany you through the entire testing process, from planning, testing and documentation to analysis
  • SONAPHONE III can be operated intuitively like a tablet via 5-inch display with multi-touchscreen
  • Reduce Paper records, which are error-prone and above all time-consuming

Bundling relevant information

  • The apps bundle all information relevant to maintenance so you always have an overview of the condition of your machines and systems.
  • Record spectrograms, time signals, sound files and levels
  • Add photos, text comments and voice memos

Test reports with a few clicks

  • Create a professional report as a PDF and save time
  • Evaluate test data on the PC with SONAPHONE III DataViewer