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The SONASCREEN®2 is an Acoustic Camera that locates Ultrasound sources for Leak Detection and Electrical Inspection on a live screen.

The SONASCREEN®2 acoustic camera generates acoustic images from the audible and ultrasonic frequency range. The device locates (ultra)sound sources in real time and displays the results on the screen. In addition, the camera provides acoustic feedback via headphones. At the same time, the built-in IR module adds the functionality of a thermal imaging camera to the device. Thus, ultrasound becomes both audible and visible – and the detection of anomalies and damaged parts is enhanced by combining acoustic and thermal images.

Main Advantages:

  • 176 sealed microphones at 200kHz for most sensitive device in its class
  • Capture fast events at 100 frames per second
  • Wide frequency range: Up to 100 kHz for the detection of audible and ultrasound
  • Audio converting of ultrasonic signal with industrial headphones
  • IP54 protection (splash proof) for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Different application modes from Easy to Pro
  • Both Acoustic and Thermal images available.
  • GPS module for reporting purposes.

Application Areas:

Leak Detection

  • Quick and easy localization of leaks
  • Visualization of several leaks in one image
  • Customizable live loss display, e.g. in l/min and ZAR/year
  • Leakage detection in compressed air, gas and vacuum systems 
  • See and hear leaks at the same time
  • Free software to create and edit reports, with location description, loss assessment, and repair status
  • Individual processing of leaks possible
  • Export as PDF

Partial Discharge Detection:

  • Detect and differentiate electrical
  • partial discharges in the ultrasonic range at the earliest stage
  • Phase-resolved display of different partial discharge types as live PRPD
  • Visualization of several partial discharges in one image 
  • Detection of partial discharges from a safe distance, even over long distances
  • Free software for the analysis and rating of electrical partial discharges
  • Automatic line frequency detection
  • Export as PDF