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Viber X1+

VIBER X1+ ™ is a digital vibration measuring instrument for control and measurement of mechanical vibration and bearing condition. A flexible instrument that fits in every maintenance engineer’s pocket.


  • Total level (mm/s RMS) and bearing condition (g’s).
  • Easy to use, start and measure.
  • Dust-and waterproof, for use under tough conditions (IP 65).
  • Interchangeable accelerometer with cable.
  • Selectable frequency ranges. 2 – 1000Hz; 10 – 1000Hz; 2 – Max Hz; 10 – Max Hz.
  • Analog instrument with high measurement accuracy and reliability.
  • Charger and rechargeable batteries. 2 different versions, lithium or NiMH
Viber X1+ Handheld Vibration