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Easy Laser XT660

The Easy-Laser XT660 is the middle of the range of the Generation XT shaft alignment systems. Display Alignment data on any Android or iOS platforms as well as on the award winning XT11 display. Maximum flexibility with all functions on any platform with no license fee hassles.


  • Dual Beam, 1 axis dot laser system for longer spans and complex measurements
  • Machine Train with 3 machines/2 couplings
  • Measure Base twist/flatness
  • Multi-Point and Continuous Sweep measurement methods
  • Digital Belt Alignment Tool Integration
  • Vibrometer Tool, XT280, Integration
  • Built-in Thermal and Digital Camera
  • The free XT Alignment app runs on Android and iOS devices with all functions included.
  • Measurement Range up to 20m
  • Shaft Diameters up to 250mm and with extension chains up to 450mm.

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