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Shaft Alignment Comparison Sheet

Measurement Programs XT770 XT660 XT550 XT440
Basic System Pricing (Ex VAT) From R270k From R158k From R331k From R109k
1. Horizontal Machines including:
* Soft Foot Check
* EasyTurn – any 40 degrees of shaft rotation
* Live360 degrees (Horizontal and Vertical)      
* Multi-Point Measurement Method  
* Continuous Sweep Measurement Method  
* Uncoupled Sweep Mode  
* Inclinometer Zeroing in Horizontal & Machine Train Programs      
* Adjustment Guide in Horizontal & Machine Train Programs    
* Graph View in Horizontal Program      
* Number of Feet Pairs (stationary & movable machines) Multiple 3 3 3
* Reference Feet Locking
* Thermal Growth
* Tolerance Check
* 3D View for Dimensions Input
* Machine Orientation Change
* Selectable Machine Templates
2. Vertical/Flange Mounted Machines
3. Basic Flatness Program      
4. Values – (Dial Indicator Equivalent)
5. Base Twist  
6. Cardan/Offset Mounted Machines  
7. Belt Alignment with XT190 
8. Vibration Measurement with XT280
9. Machine Train  Unlimited 3-Machines Unlimited  
10. EasyTrend – (Dynamic Values Recording/Trending)
11. Straightness      
Expandable with Geometric Programs      

Laser Unit Features

Built-in BT Wireless
Dual Laser Beams
Laser Type Dot Dot Dot Line
Detector Type 2 axis PSD 1 axis PSD 1 axis PSD 1 axis PSD
Detector Size 20x20mm 20x20mm 20x20mm 30mm
Electronic Inclinometers
Maximum Measurement Distance 20m 20m 20m 10m
EX certified      

Display Unit Features

Display Type SVGA 8 Color SVGA 8  Color SVGA 8 Color SVGA 8 Color
BT Wireless Technology
Keyboard Type Touch Touch Touch Touch
USB Connector
PDF Report automatically generated
File transfer to PC via Mini USB connector  
WiFi & Email
XML report storage
PDF report storage
Data Transfer via USB stick  
No of Measurements Stored 100 000 100 000 100 000 100 000
IP Class 66,67 66,67 66,67 66,67
Operating Time – BT Wireless (hours) D 16h / L 24h D 16h / L 24h D 11h / L 20h D 16h / L 24h
EX certified      

In The Box

XT11 Display Unit Optional Optional Optional Optional
Measuring Unit M XT70-M XT60-M XT50-M XT40-M
Measuring Unit S XT70-S XT60-S XT50-S XT40-S
Shaft Brackets with Chains & 4x120mm Rods – 2 off
Extension Chains 900mm – 2 off Optional
Magnet Bases – 2 off Optional Optional Optional
Offset Brackets – 2 off Optional Optional Optional
Set of Rods 4x75mm
Set of Extra Rods 4x120mm    
Measuring Tape 3m
Hexagon Wrench Set
Charger (100 -240V AC)
DC Split Cable For Charging
DC to USB Adapter For Charging
Shoulder Strap For Display Unit  
Quick Reference Manual USB USB USB USB
Documentation Folder
Cleaning Cloth For Optics
Carrying Case
Weight 10.4kg 9.8kg 8.4kg 7.2kg
3 Years Warranty

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