Shaft Alignment Comparison Sheet

Measurement ProgramsXT770XT660XT550XT440
Basic System Pricing (Ex VAT)R245k – R306kR135k – R198kR295k-R356kR90k – R152k
1. Horizontal Machines including:
* Soft Foot Check
* EasyTurn – any 40 degrees of shaft rotation
* Live360 degrees (Horizontal and Vertical)   
* Multi-Point Measurement Method 
* Continuous Sweep Measurement Method 
* Uncoupled Sweep Mode 
* Inclinometer Zeroing in Horizontal & Machine Train Programs   
* Adjustment Guide in Horizontal & Machine Train Programs  
* Graph View in Horizontal Program   
* Number of Feet Pairs (stationary & movable machines)Multiple333
* Reference Feet Locking
* Thermal Growth
* Tolerance Check
* 3D View for Dimensions Input
* Machine Orientation Change
* Selectable Machine Templates
2. Vertical/Flange Mounted Machines
3. Basic Flatness Program   
4. Values – (Dial Indicator Equivalent)
5. Base Twist 
6. Cardan/Offset Mounted Machines 
7. Belt Alignment with XT190 
8. Vibration Measurement with XT280
9. Machine Train Unlimited3-MachinesUnlimited 
10. EasyTrend – (Dynamic Values Recording/Trending)
11. Straightness   
Expandable with Geometric Programs   

Laser Unit Features

Built-in BT Wireless
Dual Laser Beams
Laser TypeDotDotDotLine
Detector Type2 axis PSD1 axis PSD1 axis PSD1 axis PSD
Detector Size20x20mm20x20mm20x20mm30mm
Electronic Inclinometers
Maximum Measurement Distance20m20m20m10m
EX certified   

Display Unit Features

Display TypeSVGA 8 ColorSVGA 8  ColorSVGA 8 ColorSVGA 8 Color
BT Wireless Technology
Keyboard TypeTouchTouchTouchTouch
USB Connector
PDF Report automatically generated
File transfer to PC via Mini USB connector 
WiFi & Email
XML report storage
PDF report storage
Data Transfer via USB stick 
No of Measurements Stored100 000100 000100 000100 000
IP Class66,6766,6766,6766,67
Operating Time – BT Wireless (hours)D 16h / L 24hD 16h / L 24hD 11h / L 20hD 16h / L 24h
EX certified   

In The Box

XT11 Display UnitOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Measuring Unit MXT70-MXT60-MXT50-MXT40-M
Measuring Unit SXT70-SXT60-SXT50-SXT40-S
Shaft Brackets with Chains & 4x120mm Rods – 2 off
Extension Chains 900mm – 2 offOptional
Magnet Bases – 2 offOptionalOptionalOptional
Offset Brackets – 2 offOptionalOptionalOptional
Set of Rods 4x75mm
Set of Extra Rods 4x120mm  
Measuring Tape 3m
Hexagon Wrench Set
Charger (100 -240V AC)
DC Split Cable For Charging
DC to USB Adapter For Charging
Shoulder Strap For Display Unit 
Quick Reference ManualUSBUSBUSBUSB
Documentation Folder
Cleaning Cloth For Optics
Carrying Case
3 Years Warranty