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Onsite Oil Analysis

In Africa you need fast answers. You cannot wait for used oil samples to first clear customs and then wait another 3 weeks for the results. Fast answers are often critical to your maintenance needs. The Oilview onsite oil analysis equipment provides useful and fast results to help you solve lubricant related problems quickly. This process paves the way for focused maintenance decisions and extended lubrication service intervals.


  • Good ROI for 50+ samples per month at ZAR100,000.00 for the kit.
  • The OilView® Quick-Check Analyzer is easy to use.
  • Test results are available in 1 minute and are easily interpreted.
  • Ideal for testing lubricants received from suppliers before site acceptance.
  • OilView® helps you make informed decisions by providing data in three critical categories: oil degradation, oil contamination and machine wear.
  • Data management capabilities such as reporting and trending are available with included PC software, but a PC is not required to perform tests.
  • Measurements:
    • Dielectric: Compare with dielectric of clean oil to determine lube degradation
    • Ferrous Index: Ferrous particles > 5 microns
    • Large Ferrous Indication: Ferrous particles >> 60 microns
    • Large non-Ferrous Indication: Non-ferrous particles >> 60 microns
    • Droplet Indication: Free water droplets
    • Water: Water estimate