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Ronds Wireless Online Vibration System

The Ronds system features wireless single or tri-axial sensor inputs to a Collector. Free of charge MOS3000 software displays data and allows for trending and analysis with reporting. An App is also available for data viewing.

Main Features:

  • Synchronous collection on all channels
  • The wireless tri-axial sensor collects both vibration and temperature
  • Alarm EMAIL for both vibration and temperature data
  • Intelligent alarm: minimal sampling value(RMS) interval 5 min
  • Easy to install. No more wiring work – huge cost savings
  • Multiple communication options like LAN, 3G, 4G, WiFi.

RH560 Wireless Collector

  • Zigbee transmission, low consumption, IP66 protection grade
  • 300m wireless transmission distance
  • IP66
  • Support 30-40 RH505 wireless sensors per RH560
  • Ethernet, Optical, WiFi, 3G, 4G

RH605 Wireless Sensor

  • Frequency response:2-20KHz (piezo), 2-1kHz (MEMS)
  • Tri-Axial – 1 x piezo-electric axis and 2 x MEMS axes
  • Vibration Range: ±50 g
  • Waveform Length: 128K/51200 line spectrum
  • Lines: 51200
  • Long time waveform:2M
  • Built-in antenna and integrated design, low power consumption
  • 4 Year battery life
  • Wireless data communication distance 300m
  • Protection Grade IP67
  • Temperature : -40 to 125 deg C
  • Anti-explosion Identification: ExiaIICT4(Zone 1,2)