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Easy Laser XT190

The only Wireless and Digital tool for alignment of pulleys and belts by laser on the market. It displays the parallel and angular misalignment “live”. Add it to your Easy Laser XT or E-series systems or use as a standalone separate tool. Or use with the free Alignment App on your smart Phone or Tablet.

Features of the Easy Laser XT190:

  • Faster and more accurate belt alignment compared to straight edge and wire methods
  • 5 Result display options – Targets, Built-in display, iOS and Android, E or XT series displays.
  • Measurement distance up to 10 meters for pulley alignment.
  • Live display of both angular and offset values. Align to set tolerances or configure your own.
  • Easy to save data and create a PDF report
  • Aluminium pulleys – double sided tape used for attachment

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