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The SONASCREEN is an Acoustic Camera that locates Ultrasound sources for Leak Detection and Electrical Inspection on a live screen.

Main Advantages:

  • 72 sealed microphones (spiral array) for use in industrial areas
  • Real-time acoustic results at 100 frames per second
  • Wide frequency range: Up to 100 kHz for the detection of audible sound and ultrasound
  • Acoustic feedback via industrial headphones
  • Handheld device with IP54 protection (splash proof)
  • 8 configurable buttons for fast control
  • Low Weight and small size


The SONASCREEN generates acoustic images from both audible and ultrasound frequency ranges. It locates sound sources in real time and displays the results immediately on the screen with audible feedback through headphones.

Application Areas:

Leak Detection

  • Broadband ultrasound
  • Adjustable bandpass filter to adapt to industrial environments with other random ultrasound sources
  • Show multiple leaks in one image
  • Reporting software for complete leak detection audits
  • Provide a gross loss estimation

Partial Discharge Detection

  • Detect partial discharge in the ultrasonic range
  • Recognize typical forms of partial discharge in the spectrogram
  • Show multiple partial discharges in one image

Tightness Testing